Monday, February 25, 2008

Modern Day Table Centerpieces

Centerpieces aren't always just one center floral arrangement anymore. Designers are using branches, candles, rocks and other props to create unique table decor. The key is to be controlled with what you put on the table to avoid the "cluttered" look. Keep in mind you will need room for stemware, cutlery, bread plate, chargers, etc. I found these absolutely GORGEOUS table centerpieces as examples from Modern Day Design.Instead of blowing your budget on one large centerpiece, consider using small bunches of flowers or greenery interspersed with votives of different heights.
I am totally in love with this table setting! Steal the look by using large hurricane vases, pillar candles and sprigs of lilac, herbs or small flowers at the base. You can also lay trailing greenery dotted with votives, especially if it's a long table.
I love these oval shaped centerpieces with branches, mixed with these gorgeous ivory candelabras. Each candelabra can also be decorated with a small bunch of matching florals.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Wedding Hair for a Cause

Thanks to our reader, Christina Ko for letting us know this great information! Watch for more photos of her wedding.

Like many brides, I had super long hair for my wedding day. For months leading up to our wedding people would comment on my “wedding hair” and asked when I would be cutting it. Instead of going for a 5-inch trim, I took off 11 inches this month and donated my hair to a Children's Cancer Foundation. There are campaigns that take as little as 8 inches of healthy, minimally processed hair. So if you’re thinking about chopping the wedding hair after your big day, please consider making someone else’s day by donating your hair.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Ultimate Wedding Shoes

Everyone who knows me knows that i'd be the last person on earth to get white wedding shoes. I've been trying to find these pink bow Valentino shoes (below) for my wedding from Spring 07... until i found a new love- these simply phenomenal teal Anemone Pigalle Christian Louboutin Shoes on ebay! Barneys has the same pair in black and white...
My sister and I agree that there's something about that red sole that makes your heart beat faster... For something a little more neutral but still more unconventional- what about these crystal Miu Miu slides from Saks. Although i'm not sure how long i'd last in these pencil thin sildes.The best part about these shoes? You can definitely wear them again because they are just so darn fabulous!!

Spring Bird Themed Party

Being surrounded by such a gloomy winterscape, wouldn't it be cute to have a Spring Bird Themed Party? Throw a shower, or a "pick me up" party with this Martha Stewart Crafts kit above or create your own spring inspired theme.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Saima Says Invites

I've been admiring the work of Saima Says Design for a long time but just got the chance to put up some pics of some of my favourite designs. I absolutely adore her colour combinations- from the punchy red & teal accenting pink for a baby invitation (above) to the muted sage & brown invites below. In my opinion, great invitations should always set the creative pace and "brand" of the wedding or event to come, and Saima's invites are totally exemplary of just that.
I'm so in love with this lime green, turquoise & emerald green combo! Notice how good saturated, bright hues look on white.

I love the look of this suite- eggplant & magenta on kraft colored paper. Genius!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Eye Candy

I'm loving the endless selection of party & wedding favors available these days- especially these super adorable lucite "candy bins" from the chic wedding favor company Parcel Design. They've totally taken the blah out of dragee almonds and chocolates by adding lucite and white accented with clean cut labels.

Why not give a green gift? Another innovative party favor I found on their site - this personalized "Garden in a Bag".

Bridal Hair Trial Checklist


Here's a handy bridal hair trial checklist I got from Civello, which has been creating lovely wedding hairstyles for years in Toronto. Don't forget to discuss important details (mentioned in old posts) with your stylists such as "who, what, when and where"!

- Keep your style in shape – have your hair trimmed every six weeks
- Use a stylist recommended weekly deep-conditioning treatment at home
- Compile hair and makeup photos from magazines
- Wash hair the night before your trial and wedding day appointment
- Bring your magazine clippings to your trial appointments
- Bring reference photos detailing the theme of the wedding (i.e. flowers, dress, venue) to your trial appointments
- Tell us if the wedding is evening or day, indoor or outdoor
- Bring items of makeup that you currently wear on a daily basis to your trial appointments
- Bring a digital camera and take images of your hair and makeup trial
- Bring your headpiece to your appointment

Monday, February 11, 2008

Exciting Announcement!

We have an exciting announcement at Celebrate Beautifully! Nicole, our wedding enthusiast is expecting in July, and made these absolutely adorable Onesies Cookies. Congratulations Nicole!

Beautiful Branches

Looking outside in this -35 degree weather made me think about all the beautiful ways branches can be incorporated into your event design. Branches have a great graphic quality to their lines, and are wonderful for adding height to your arrangements less expensively. Here are some of my favourite examples:

A beautiful hall lined with trees woven with white orchids.

Manzanita trees with hung crystals, orchids in pots of flowers by our own florist Fuscia Designs decorate tables at a wedding at the ROM.
Photo by: Lisa Lefkowitz Another popular trend using brances- using a vase full of branches as a "guest book" or wish tree.

The Art of the "Dress Hunt"

Not everyone has a stylist to pick out the perfect dress like Carrie (pictured here in a couture Zac Posen from the upcoming Sex and the City movie). There are tons of guides out there for finding the perfect dress for your body in terms of shape & style, but what about actually finding the perfect dress? Lately i've been on the "dress hunt" myself and here's a simple step by step guide.

1) Use Magazines & Web Sites - Prepare tear sheets and print out photos of dresses you like. Make a note of what it is you like about the dress. This will be a great starting point.

2) Make a list of stores - Make a list of local stores you'd like to visit. While I was in New York, I tried on a few wonderful dresses at Vera Wang New York and at Saks Fifth Bridal Salon, but realized my time schedule wouldn't allow for 3 fittings. If you're able of course, by all means, go ahead!
Tip: A good way to compile a list of stores, is to go to the vendor websites of brands you like, and search for your location for stores. Start off with a max of 3 stores so you don't overwhelm yourself.

3) Set a firm budget - even though that gorgeous $15,000 Monique Lhuillier is so tempting to try on, don't do it if it's over your budget. The worst thing that could happen is for you to fall in love with it and be heartbroken because you can't have it.

4) On your first consultation, describe what you're looking for, and disclose your budget. Try on one of each type of silhouette (ie: slim fit, mermaid, A-line, ballgown), even if you think it wont look good on you. You may be surprised at what you thought would look terrible looks great!

5) Make a short list of 3-4 dresses that you love. Bring a few close friends and family members whose opinion you trust. Can you see yourself loving this dress 20 years from now?

5) Ask important questions. After you have found the dresses you like, a good sales consultant should be able to answer these basic questions clearly and honestly:
- Are alterations included? How much are they?
- How many alterations are typically needed at that particular store? Keep in mind your schedule.
- How long does it take to order each particular dress? Different brands vary in lead time.
- How much do veils, shoes, accessories, crinolines (if sold separately) cost? Don't forget to factor these into the budget.