Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Martha Stewart Portfolio

For all the wedding enthusiasts out there that love Martha Stewart Weddings, you'll definitely enjoy Rebecca Thuss's website, which displays the wealth of creative ideas she contributed as the former style editor. To the left is one of my many favourite candy buffet editorials she has created.

Ribbon Jars

As an avid ribbon collector (thanks to Martha for her ribbon organizing tips!), you can imagine my delight as I found this fabulous webstore The Ribbon Jar. Not only do they sell tons of ribbon by the yard, they have of course, jars filled with ribbon by colour theme. Some examples: "Pink Lemonade" (pink & lemon ribbons), "Summer Garden" (earth tones, leaf printed ribbons), and "Recycle" (green ribbons). This got me thinking... wouldn't it be great to give out something similar as favours at a bridal shower, baby shower or wedding? You could give away smaller jars filled with a small blank cardstock paper, ribbon, embellishments and have polaroid cameras ready to take photos at your event (to embellish with the contents of the jar).

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Surprise Engagement Party

Photo By: S.Roberts
This past weekend we hosted a surprise engagement party for my sister and her fiance. The theme was pink and orange polka dots, and each aspect of the decor was carefully designed to incoporate this concept. A close friend of the future bride handmade invitations complete with pink and orange polka dots to set the tone of the party, and the room was filled with handmade personal touches which included:

  • personalized water bottles
  • circular menus featuring a picture of the couple's dog the night of their engagement
  • personalized drink straws
  • polka dot cupcakes in shades of pink and orange
  • table arrangements of pom pom lumieres in pink, orange, and polka dots placed on glass cylinders set down long family style tables
  • accents of crystals and polka dots (inscribed with important marriage values, for example "trust") hanging from the lumieres

The event was held as a sit down dinner for 40 family and friends in attendance. In order to ensure that a good time was had by all, several activities were planned to encourage mingling:

1. Humorous photos of the couple were attached to long strings of ribbon. "Thought bubble" stickers were provided and guests were able to add funny comments or thoughts to the pictures
2. A photo corner was set up with props that guests could use to imitate the future bride and groom as their picture was taken
3. A dance instructor was hired to teach the guests basic dance steps in preparation for a night full of dancing at the wedding!

The whole evening was united by the celebration of an impending marriage in a sea of pink and orange polka dots. Congratulations Kim and Nick!

Baby Shower Ideas

I just had to post up these photos from a baby shower featured on Orange Beautiful's blog- they are too cute! On the left are book name plates that guests signed. On the top right a pretty way to present the classic "baby name guessing game", and below, are the party favors- mini salt and pepper shakers with tags that say "Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice".

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Personalized Petals

I found these gorgeous dupioni silk petal cones from superstar wedding planner Mindy Weiss 's webstore These cones are about $10 a piece ($12.50 with the embroidery) but you can easily use fancy coloured paper to create a similar look. Imagine the photos of your guests holding these and showering you with petals! (You can find bulk rose petals at most floral shops. charges about $140 for 6000 petals, and use the rest to trim the aisle!)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Whimsical Seating Cards

There are many different ways to create memorable seating cards for your guests. At the wedding of Suzanne Son Hing and Ben Russ, guests were treated to a unique and beautiful display of seating cards. Each guest found their name written on a palm tree or starfish hanging from strings of crystal beads. Guests were able to release their card by pulling on the delicate bow that tied them to the beads. Here are some tips on how to use this idea in your wedding:

1. Go to a scrapbook store and using a die-cut machine, cut shapes which compliment your theme and color story

2. Write each guests name on both sides of the shapes

3. Punch a hole in the top of the shape. To dress up the hole, you can insert an eyelet

4. Tie the shapes onto long strings of beads using a simple bow so that the card can be released with one pull

5. Hang the strings of beads in alphabetical order from one long stick of bamboo (to prevent tangling in the wind). Tie the bottoms of the strings to another sticks of bamboo to keep them straight. Alternatively, you can hang the strings from trees.

This attractive and unique display of seating cards is sure to catch your guest's attention!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Pasta Favor Idea

I love the idea of giving a gourmet party favour that people can eat at home. Why not give away small cello bags filled with dried handmade pasta- complete the look with a grossgrain ribbon tie, your logo sticker and a small recipe tag.Try to find exotic pastas such as imported organic wheat pasta, black octopus ink pasta, truffle scented pasta, or even chocolate pasta. Or, try giving away a small jar of your favourite pasta sauce, and tie a cute wooden spoon around the jar. These would be a great favors if you're having a rustic Tuscan themed wedding!
Photo from Getty Images