Friday, January 16, 2009

Ladybug Labels

I love this etsy store, LadybugLabels. Such a great way to personalize your favours.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bastian + Skoog Decor

Another post featuring the beautiful creations of Bastian + Skoog.

I've always loved the theme of red & turquoise!

This melon palette is gorgeous!
A modern twist on the famous Martha Stewart rose stacked cake.

I love the idea of presenting the cake floating in an acrylic tray filled with flowers and candles.

Bastian + Skoog Bouquets

I love the fresh design approach by floral team Bastian + Skoog. I will post more of their flowers in a bit. Their flowers are elegant and polished with a tropical twist.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Swiss Raclette (Fondue's Cousin)

Speaking of comfort foods, there's nothing like a sharing a delicious fondue on a cold winter's day with your closest family and friends. I'm also going nuts about this Swissmar Raclette grill. Traditionally a delicious apres-ski snack in the Alpines, the original idea is to put a wheel of raclette cheese on a hot grill and scrape bits of cheese as it melts, eating it with cornichons, sausages, etc. Williams Sonoma has a modern raclette grill (pictured below). It's a great way to entertain!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Design Trends 2009

What a year 2008 was! Now that we're in the new year, I decided to write down my thoughts about what I think 2009 will look like in terms of design trends.

Comfort Foods, Comfortable Events
When things are uncertain, people tend to lean towards what's comfortable. In other words, I think people will be cooking a lot more of the comfort foods, decorating their homes with fabrics and patterns that are less trendy, and toning down the extravagant events that we've been used to seeing.

While Do-it-Yourself projects have always been getting more and more popular, more brides and party throwers are definitely going to want to take the time to take on more. The best tip is to start early and break down your list of projects. If anything can be done months in advance, do it! My fiance and I started making things for our wedding more than a year before it actually happened. The result? A stress-free jog to the "finish line"!

A slow economy will force people to go deal hunting this year. The design result? An eclectic mix of goods in homes, and events. People will be scouring flea markets and antique sales like never before.

On that same thought, with the real estate values dropping, people will be more inclined to stay in their homes and invest in deco details. We'll also see a lot of re-uphostering, so take a second look at that couch you were going to throw away!

While the slowing economy may have people thinking twice about investing in certain things, all things organic are still on peoples radars. Why? This economic climate has forced people to adjust their attitudes towards the "disposable/ consumerism" based lifestyle they've been living, pushing people to desire a taste of the "self-sustainable lifestyle".

Saipua Flowers

I love these organic floral designs from Saipua Flowers:
Gorgeous boutonnieres!

Fresh and new palette of lavender roses, orange berries, deep purple hues and crisp white flowers.
Love this all white bouquet! It's so pure without looking boring.
I loved the idea of tucking in these little oranges in the bouquet to tie in the orange place holders (below).

This gorgeous centerpiece looks it's straight from someone's cottage window sill.

Again, I love the idea of mixing peachy pastels with the deep purples.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bobbette & Belle

I stumbled upon this company, Bobbette & Belle, that makes the most adorable macaroon favours. Just had to share!
Hand painted monogram can be added to the macaroons!