Sunday, June 1, 2008

Catering Trends

With my own wedding menu submission deadline coming up, i've been trying to find new and innovative catering ideas. According to the writers at BFF, the top three trends in catering are: 1. Go Mini, 2. Go Global and 3. Go Organic. You can read more from their article here. In the mean time, i'm leaving you with some of the juciest, freshest food ideas i've seen lately! Simple watermelon cut into rounds with a savoury cheese topping by Abigail Kirsch (above). There are just too many good ideas on Taste Catering's website. Here are some of my favourites below: Taste Catering takes the trend of mini's to a whole new level!Paper cones are just such a quick and easy way to add polish to your presentation. I once created a snackbar by making paper cones and filling them with various easy to make items like spiced popcorn, gummies and chips. Savoury truffles by Abigail Kirsch.
I am so jealous of this bride & groom who had their wedding reception catered by Thomas Keller himself at Per Se! How many people can say they had their reception at a Michelin star restaurant! The bride has chronicled her journey online here. Above- she describes their hors d'oeuvres and advises couples to ask their caterers/venues to set aside hors d'oeuvres, since you will be busy greeting guests. Above- "Cornet of marinated salmon, Gruyere cheese Gougeres, Foie Gras, Roulade of Liberty Valley Peking Duck, and Lemon Arancini"
Above, Per Se's signature "coffee and donuts" a sugar donut with espresso semi-freddo. I love the idea of taking something otherwise ordinary and re-creating the idea with a polished presentation.

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