Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gorgeous Designs: LMD Floral Event Interiors

I think i've found another absolute favourite florist, LMD Floral Events Interiors. This over-the-top design firm caters to New York's society weddings creating fantastical floral designs, yet has the (increasingly rare) talent to know when to stop.

Personally i'm not a huge fan of Amaryllis, but they make a great statement in this winter wedding with in complete polish, anchored with nutmeg pillar candles, small silver bowls of pinecones, votives and a velvet trimmed runner.
They've masterfully created the "garden" look inside in a formal dining environment. I would have never thought to use 80's terracotta pedestals like this!
A natural, simple statement of horsetail grass bundled with raffia, woven grass chargers and ginger coloured runners.
Create this look: You could easily achieve the same look by using rolled bamboo mats.

What a gorgeous feast for the eye! I love the shades of green (chartreuse, apple) combined with persimmon, nectar and fig shades.
Create this look: This look can also be accomplished on a more simple level at home by filling bowls with floral foam in your desired shape, and creating arrangements by using anchoring fruit with bamboo picks. (hint: make sure fruit is not overly juicy- pears, apples, and unripe nectarines work best).

For small dinner parties, coloured glass and runners make beautiful and inexpensive accents to any table. Here I love the combination of fresh fuscia roses, date palms and kumquats or clementines. They've also used an old Indian trough.
Create this Look: Use fruits in their original baskets or crates to create a rustic look, but be sure to line it with plastic containers that are available through florist suppliers.

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