Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Question: Classy Bachelorette Party Ideas?

Stephanie asks:
Q: "I have to throw my friend a bachelorette party but she doesn't want to do anything raunchy. Do you have any ideas for a "classy" a bachelorette party?
A: When I got married, I begged my friends not to throw me a bachelorette that involved a drunken night involving male body parts. Just because it's supposedly tradition to hire a stripper, it doesn't mean you have to force yourself to do something that's just not you. Here are some ideas that are more mellow, but still fun.

Cocktails & Beauty Party
Some spas offer private parties, where you can enjoy cocktails or champagne over manicures, pedicures and music. Just be sure someone has taken care of the special events liquor license if needed.

Wine & Cheese
Plan a nice wine and cheese at someone's home or at a nice restaurant or bar. There are lots of great wine bars out there, that would offer the chance to mingle and have fun. Or take the celebration it to a local winery for a change of scenery.

Trip with the Girlfriends
Plan a fun trip somewhere with just your girlfriends. You could go anywhere from exotic to taking a road trip somewhere local, like the cottage or a spa in the country, or a bakery in another city.

"Last Chance" Scavenger
Have the bride come up with a list of the things she's never done that she'd like to do before she gets married. Some ideas: play a sport at midnight, eat a cuisine she's never tried, go horseback riding, stay up to see the sunset, go on a local tourist bus, etc.

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