Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bridal Gown Fitting Advice from Vera Wang

Here are some great tips from Vera Wang's latest newsletter on dress fittings:

• Most retailers will be responsible for providing the proper fit.
• Make sure you understand the salon’s alteration policy.
• Your first fitting will give you a good idea of how many additional fittings you’ll need.
• Don’t be surprised if the gown does not fit precisely
at the first fitting. You were likely measured six
months before when you ordered the gown and even
slight changes to your physique affect the fit.
• Wear your wedding day shoes at every fitting. This will create a consistent height.
• Always wear the same foundation and underpinnings. The foundation will impact the fit of the gown.
• Maintain a consistent weight. Even small fluctuations may require alterations to a bodice.
• Enjoy the process and trust the alteration team.

Dress: "Eloise" By Vera Wang It's been a while since a dress had made my heart stop! Vera designed this dress with lily of the valley (a symbol of happiness) embroidered in the bust line and did a beautiful job draping gorgeous blush cream silk taffeta.

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