Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Surprise Engagement Party

Photo By: S.Roberts
This past weekend we hosted a surprise engagement party for my sister and her fiance. The theme was pink and orange polka dots, and each aspect of the decor was carefully designed to incoporate this concept. A close friend of the future bride handmade invitations complete with pink and orange polka dots to set the tone of the party, and the room was filled with handmade personal touches which included:

  • personalized water bottles
  • circular menus featuring a picture of the couple's dog the night of their engagement
  • personalized drink straws
  • polka dot cupcakes in shades of pink and orange
  • table arrangements of pom pom lumieres in pink, orange, and polka dots placed on glass cylinders set down long family style tables
  • accents of crystals and polka dots (inscribed with important marriage values, for example "trust") hanging from the lumieres

The event was held as a sit down dinner for 40 family and friends in attendance. In order to ensure that a good time was had by all, several activities were planned to encourage mingling:

1. Humorous photos of the couple were attached to long strings of ribbon. "Thought bubble" stickers were provided and guests were able to add funny comments or thoughts to the pictures
2. A photo corner was set up with props that guests could use to imitate the future bride and groom as their picture was taken
3. A dance instructor was hired to teach the guests basic dance steps in preparation for a night full of dancing at the wedding!

The whole evening was united by the celebration of an impending marriage in a sea of pink and orange polka dots. Congratulations Kim and Nick!

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