Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bridesmaid Checklist (Before the Wedding)

Our friend's wedding is in a week's time and I sent a checklist out to the other bridesmaids below of things you need to do before the wedding:

Steam Your Dress
- Hang your dress on a hanger in the bathroom while everyone takes a hot shower. It will work after a couple showers.
- You can also use the “steam button” on any standard iron- fill it with water and puff it a few times upright 5” away from the dress’s wrinkled area.
- Make sure the dress is dried before putting it back in the bag (it’ll just wrinkle again if not)

- bring a photo of what kind of hair you want unless you don’t mind the hair dresser (possibly) pouffing and/or sparkling your hair in a manner you do not desire ;)
- bring your own lip gloss/lip stick, maybe a bit of cover up or concealer in your particular shade if you wish, as the makeup artist probably wont be able to constantly touch us all up (she will be concentrating on the bride)
- get manicures & pedicures in a tasteful, neutral shade (or do it yourself)

Other Things to Remember
- Bring nude coloured pantyhose in a natural shade. Try them on beforehand, and bring an extra pair. If you are wearing sandals, purchase the "sandal foot" kind, without the seam in the toe.
- Bring your shoes & dress, and any other accessories needed (ie: shawls)
- Wear studs or pearls for earrings if you have pierced ears
- Leave other jewelry and valuables at home so you don’t lose it
- Put together a kit of: aspirin, gum, safety pins, thread & needle, q-tips, cotton balls, bandaids, alka seltzers (take before you drink to avoid redness), bobby pins, hairspray, clar nailpolish stash of granola bars or snacks, etc.
- Anything else that the bride has assigned you to bring or take care of… (ie speeches, etc)

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