Saturday, April 12, 2008

Party Theme: Think Green

I know that people have been buying from Jamali Garden for years, but I wanted to post a source for some of the latest 'green theme look' that i'm seeing everywhere. Whether or not the items are actually "eco-friendly" is another topic!
Fruitwood finish vases
Mangowood vases mixed with delicate hydrangeas.

Natural bamboo cylinder vases.

The now ubiquitous L.E.D. lights sell for about 2.99ea depending on the size.
They've got runners and placemats made from woven pebbles and stones. Perfect for completing the "green look".These cloche vases remind me of the mini-ecosystems you created in 5th grade. Jamali Garden also sells an assortment of shells, starfish, artificial grasses and moss.
Moss flocked rocks!

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