Thursday, April 17, 2008

Grocery Flower Bouquets

I love buying flowers from the groceries because they're so inexpensive and they're not as tacky as most people think. Check out these really great grocery flower bouquet "makeovers" from Real Simple.
Bunches of individual iris, statis and carnations...
bunch, cut and wire together...
and voila! a perfect purple hued bouquet.Your typical $24.99 bouquet at the grocery store with lilies, ranunculous and freesia.makes a gorgeous melon hued bouquet when you take the fern away!My favourite "makeover" - pink and magenta carnations with baby's breath and fern..(shudder)
Becomes this gorgeous bouquet when tightly packed together, cut, and wrapped with wire and ribbon.

Bonus! the baby's breath becomes a lovely bouquet itself with an olive satin ribbon. I also love using large amount of baby's breath as an arrangement in a silver or glass vase. This could be ideal for the reception table.

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