Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring 2010 Shoe Candy

I have to admit i've been waiting to post about shoes for a long time but I haven't seen any delicious shoes that really caught my eye. I can see that the luxury shoe designers have noticed a market for designer wedding shoes that aren't your average traditional white satin shoe. Here are some of my picks for this spring:Valentino Fairy Tale shoes (wow!)
I never get tired of seeing these Valentino D'Orsay shoes. This "half" version is in gold.
I'm sure Christian Louboutin designed these for bridal, as they are cleverly lined with light blue leather.

Ernesta T-Strap Louboutin Shoes
Monolo Blahnik's "Something Blue" shoes.
My favourite of all, these gorgeous studded t-strap shoes from Louboutin.

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