Monday, May 3, 2010

Faux Flowers No Longer a Faux Pas!

Years ago, if you had mentioned the use of faux or silk flowers in a wedding, it would have been a massive faux pas (no pun intended). Nowadays, you would be amazed at how realistic and beautiful faux flowers can be, and how many top designers incorporate them into their designs. Although nothing can replace the fragrant smell of fresh flowers, faux flowers can be wonderful to design with. They are easily manipulated and don't wilt like their fresh counterparts. Arguably, they could also be considered eco-friendly!An arrangement I made with faux peonies, roses and parrot tulips.
I've been working on the design of my friend Ada's wedding, and for the ceremony, I have the task of filling a large modern church on a tight budget. One of the stipulations of the contract was that fresh flowers were not to be used on anywhere there is carpet, so I ran to some faux flower suppliers in Mississauga over the weekend. I'll be posting more photos but here's a sneak peak! My living room's a bloom with the flowers for the wedding!
I got these gorgeous plum-lavender hydrangeas and bundled them with sprigs of lavender for the pews... i've got great plans for the pews!

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