Monday, March 24, 2008

Party & Shower Ideas Inspired By Packaging

For all those who are crafty, you'll definitely love Garnish's concept. They sell empty packaging (boxes, containers, etc), ready for you to put together kits, like this adorable smores kit above. How cute would this be to give as a host gift?
Some Baking Activity Ideas for Parties you could do with this type of packaging:
Baby Shower Idea: Bake bread or buns to celebrate a "bun in the oven". Have boxes ready so guests can take their baked bread home. If you dont know the sex of your baby yet, have pink and blue ribbons ready to tie their box, for guests to help guess.
Birthday Party: Bake mini birthday cakes together, and prepare icing so guests can decorate their own. Or bake pies (like below) and have personal cake boxes to take their baked goods home. You can also pre-print labels with the date and the birthday girl or boy's name.
Wedding Shower Cookie Idea:
Have a basic cookie dough recipe ready, and divide the cookies into small batches for each guest. Have an array of different ingredients ready for guests to experiment. Some ideas might be: chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, m&m's, coconut, lemon rind, nuts, rosemary, mint, etc. Bake the cookies and have each guest write down their ingredients on a tag. You can exchange cookies and even vote on the best cookie. Have empty jars ( you can get great ones at IKEA) or boxes for packaging.

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