Monday, March 24, 2008

Keeping Kids Occupied at Weddings

Inviting kids to your next big event? Keeping kids occupied so adults can enjoy the party can be tricky, unless you put together a clever kit like this! (Components from Garnish).
Some items you might want to put in your kids kits- crayons, colouring pads, small toys, etc. For my own wedding, i'm planning on hand-illustrating a story book for the kids attending. Another cute idea from Garnish- a homemade playdoh kit complete with little cookie cutters! (below).Some other important things to consider when inviting kids:
- Consider designating a kids table or kids room (check with your venue)
- Ask parents whether they prefer their kids to be seated with them if you do have a kids room or table.
- Consider hiring a trustworthy babysitter to watch over the children in attendance. Nicole hired a magician to entertain the children attending her wedding.

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