Monday, March 31, 2008

Pretty Bouquets

Lately it's been pretty gloomy outside so I decided to post some bouquets up to brighten up the day! I LOVE this bouquet- a total inspiration for my own wedding. Ranunculus with olives, olive leaves & the black & white ribbon make it all so Ascot!
This is definitely one of my fave bouquets from Martha- these cascading garden roses make it so fresh and traditional, yet exciting.
This branch small bouquet is so elegant yet simple from Hello Darling Florists in Chicago.

The cheery, tropical colours drew me to this bouquet also from Hello Darling.
This is a lovely bold and punchy bouquet by Stems Chicago.
Don't over-do the "bling" on your bouquet. What about a nice simple cuff of pearl beads like this bouquet of orchids from Fetes Des Fleurs?

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