Monday, March 10, 2008

Invitation To Be Creative

Everyone in the business knows Grapevine Invitations as the pioneer in innovative "couture" invitations, but I couldn't help but share my favourites as my fiancé and I are assembling our own. My all time favourite- the etched plexiglass invitation for a wedding at Cipriani, NY.
Goodbye envelopes, hello hat boxes! I love the variety of texture in this invitation and how it comes in a round hat box.
These tin "envelopes" are so elegant and streamlined. I love how the invitation was die cut to fit snugly in the box.
I love how they carried the look of the invitation through other details in the event. The compass favours are such a great idea!
Instead of having all your invitation components separate, why not create a booklet? You can include a short story of how you met, and other details or events leading up to your wedding.
I've blogged about boxed invitations before (something i've adapted for my own wedding invitation). Check out this gorgeous box lined with "peat moss", filled with "woodsy" type components.

Lastly, they've put together a sample of logos they've done. Like a logo designed for any company, it should set the pace for any communication you'll have to your guest in paper and details.

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