Monday, October 29, 2007

Choosing a Wedding Hairstyle

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- There might be many interesting and inventive hairstyles that might catch your eye, but try to stay with something that's modern yet classic. Don't pick a hairstyle you may regret in 10 years! Try looking at vintage photos from various eras. My philosophy is, if you love a style that's 40 years old, you will probably still love it 40 years from now. Above are some great examples.

- Book your hair appointment well in advance, as some stylists book up very quickly during the wedding high season.

- When you book with your hairstylist, give a written, detailed list or contract of the services you'll be needing that day of and keep a copy for yourself. That list should include a details such as: the booking of your hair trial, time frame (arrival time and total time), whether or not the stylist will provide an assistant, where the services will be performed (salon or home), and who is getting their hair done (it may or may not include mothers, and wedding party).

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