Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pawfect Pets at Weddings

"Joey" the Yorkie. Photo By S.Roberts. Contributions by Nicole Roberts
If any of you're like me, and refer to your dog as your little sister (or brother), and you just can't imagine your special day without Rover by your side, you'll need to read this first!

1) Check with your venue on what kind of restrictions there are on having pets. Most bylaws won't allow animals into any place where food is served, unless it is outdoors or in a place where food isn't prepared. Put it on your priority list when checking out venues!

2) Hire a trainer or appoint someone who the dogs are comfortable with to be solely in charge of the dogs on the big day. Responsibilities could include transporting them to the venue, instructing them, feeding them, and supervising them. A great idea is to have your dogs walk down the aisle, and then have them transported home after the ceremony so they can be comfortable at home, but still a big part of your ceremony.

3) If you plan on having any outfits, it might be wise to instruct the person in charge of your dog on how to put it on and rehearse wearing it so that your dog is comfortable. Joey's outfit featured above is from My Faux Paws' Bridal Collection!

4) Speaking of your dog's comfort- if your dog is not used to wearing clothing, it's probably best to stick with a decorated leash and collar for the special occasion.

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