Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Making Pre-Fab Invitations Fabulous

Original Image courtesy of Target.com

Pre-fabricated invitations or invitation kits were once on the last resort list for those trimming their budget, but now retailers have made available some really inexpensive, yet elegant designs for us to use at home. Purchasing an invitation suite like the one shown above from Target, could cost upwards of about $10 per set, but this invitation kit works out to be about $2 per set.

Now with home printing & computers, it's easy to personalize the invitation. In the example above, i've added a monogram at the top, and a simple letter charm (these can be found at scrapbook supply stores) on the ribbon.
Two other important things to remember working with pre-fab invitations:
1) Clean cartridges by preforming cartridge head cleaning process (included in printer instructions).
2) Always test on a scrap piece that's the same size and similar stock. Test it until you've perfected the process before you start printing on the real thing.

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