Friday, October 26, 2007

Indoor Garden Party

I found these great whimsical vegetable motif invitations from Kates Paperie, and was inspired to put together a bridal shower (or any party!) inspiration board. Here are some ideas:
Venue: There's nothing prettier than a glass greenhouse or solarium to house this party, especially if it's during the cold weather months.
Decor: Create simple centerpieces from potted herbs (the ones featured here are from, potted baby veggies such as tomatoes. Or, fill a galvanized tin watering can with fresh flowers.
Food: Serve vegetable sandwiches, organic fruit spreads and preserves, farm cheeses and tea.
Cake: A while ago, Martha Stewart made the most adorable Peter Rabbit's garden cake. She has a similar one online now, called the secret garden cake.
Party Favours: Enclose the seeds of the bride's favorite vegetable or fruitin a pretty envelope. I found these from Paper-Source.

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